HBR top’s Waccenture’s ‘Most Retweeted’ list for 7th year running!

Waccenture’s annual survey of CMO’s retweeting habits once again throws up few surprises.

Top of the list remains the Harvard Business Review on 63% of retweets, followed by The Economist with 21%, the Financial Times on 8% and Barron’s on 4%. The remaining 4% of retweets went to other journals, otherwise deemed to be ‘insufficiently prestigious’ or ‘not considered authoritative amongst my peers’.

Of the 234,127 retweets analysed by the ‘Waccenture Retweet Analysis Algorithm (WRAA)™’, 35% of retweeters said they’d read the whole article, 24% said they’d ‘skimmed the main points’, 33% said they’d ‘only read the headline’ and the remaining 8% admitted they’d ‘probably tweeted by mistake’. An undisclosed number also admitted in private to Waccenture representatives that they ‘Tweet anything by HBR’.

Perhaps surprisingly, it was also revealed that 72% of CMO’s like to get a ‘heads up’ by watching CNBC’s  ‘Mad Money with Jim Cramer’

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