This week we’re in Cannes and we’re shopping!

This year Waccenture are in Cannes and we’re out in force, shopping around for the best talent to snap up. This might be a hot agency, a CEO in waiting, a bat-shit crazy creative team or just a common-or-garden account guy.

The truth is, Waccenture is growing so fast we literally can’t keep up with demand, so we’re buying everyone. Literally everyone.

So if you see one of the Waccenture team (you’ll know us by our co-ordinated purple capri pants and vests and our trademarked Waccenture Secret HandshakeTM) then just ask us for a job. Applicants are successful in 86% of occasions.

We’re particularly interested in candidates that can speak Mandarin AND Esperanto and know how to work a slide rule.

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