Only 8% of clients question what benefit they get from our week in Cannes

New Waccenture Insights TM research reveals that, when questioned, only 8% of our clients wondered what possible benefit they might get from our attendance at this week’s hung-over ad-fest here in Cannes

43% of CMO’s and above said ‘Lucky people, I don’t blame them. I’d be there myself if I didn’t have to conduct 32 factory visits before the end of the month.’

32% said they assumed it would be good for more junior members of the agency team to learn some basic skills while sitting by a pool

15% said they didn’t know what (or where) Cannes was and assumed it had something to do with traditional food packaging.

However, the remaining 8% said ‘I think it’s a bloody liberty. They’re taking the piss.’

With numbers like that, we’ve already booked the 3rd floor of the Royal Riviera again for next year!

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